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LAN Bridger is an easy-to-use VPN tool. It lets you be a part of the same local computer network at your job, on the road, or half way around the world. Share files. Administer machines. Access music. Or kick back and play a game. If you can do it locally, LAN Bridger lets you do it remotely. It’s as easy as click, click, you're connected

It is easy to install

very simple configure

and only network host seems to need working port forward

I have some problems with portforwarding because internetprovider uses IPv6

thats why I get

mind that LAN Bridger uses UDP so if you need to port farward choose UDP not TCP

So if someone manages to create a accessible network please let us know the network name and the password

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Posts: 63      I managed to maybe

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grypa123 at March 26, 2014 at 12:01 PM      I managed to maybe

i think this only works if you have your network activated and accessable

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anyone having (old fashion) IPv4 Internet ?

please try to install LAN-bridger and get it to run.

If you have router and need help with port forwarding send me message.

We need this working!

weekend coming - and still down

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