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please comment the map

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Quite a nice map, at least it will force people to use infantry to capture main bases.


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As for the good things, well the relief on the map seems to be quite a simple, there arent any hills, mountains or cliffs so units easly get anywhere, another useful thing is that main bases are isolated from most of the land by bridges, it doesn't matter if someone destroys those bridges, as far as I remember engineers can repair them :).

The weather on the map seems to be good and bad thing (yes constant rains on trophical climate are realistic) but I never had any luck with it  :/.

The bad thing that I found here was the starting number of reinforcements, 5 wasn't a really nice surprise.

A little weird thing that I noticed is that pillbox (left on the image), it is strong but it has a little weird texture (im not an expert in 3d modelling, but i'd say that somebody played with UV map a little).

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Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, bridges can be easy repaired.

Weather is (typical tropical) and meant to prevent massive air battles.

5 Start Reinforces are set to force the player(s) to housekeep your calls, enough to put up defences, but unwise to start full on attack, as if attack goes wrong base will be undefended....
(If that not work in practical experience please tell so in detail)

As I just inserted pillbox without changing anything at it, the problem could be bound to the mod or BK2 version (FotR)

You did not mention my biggest mistake I made:

neutral Bases need to much repair. I put up HP to make it harder to be artied down, but forget to change repair modifier.
So its hard to arty down, but needs more repair too (2 full Truckloads I think)

If you like you can make(moddify) your "Field_Marshals_Fucking_Jungle"
1st make a list of changes you want to be done. (check this for possible options)
I tell you how to or implement them myself if its to complicated.

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