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As it seems server is down,

I looked for alternatives and it seems tunngle

is a NO good alternative

There is a Blitzkrieg channel where up to 255 Players can join.

players in that channel can connect to MP game via LAN (not

I'm still figuring out if firewall needs configuration for that.

Best you download tunngle-client



then unzip the downloaded file

execute Tunngle_Setup_v4.4.1.5

installation will proceed

(Your computer will need restart) now start tunngle-client and register to tunngle.

hope to see you in tunngle and have a game of Blitzkrieg 2

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now tunngle seems to be realy tricky

at least after config my router to port forward port "11155" to my computer

I at least can see Jole now in the Blitzkrieg channel,

we still have not managed to connect to each other LAN games :(

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I now craeted privat network as in forum they say connecting to games should be easier

How to connect to privat room:

the Network name is: shroomman

Password no pass (leave blank)

The first time you try to connect you will be directed to website so you veryfy your presens

You have to fill in the code that is shown on that picture (in left down corner) I can not give you screenshot as I have allready done and forget to make screenshot of it

FUCK this not work

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it seems that every one needs to port forward

so check out how to port forward your router

this can be very complicated

i will make manual but every router is slightly diffrent

so best is to find out what router you are useing

If all done right the smily in right down corner should be green

still after going threw big complicated configuration to get that F*cking smily from yellow to green,

I and Jole have not managed to see (connect) eachother in the Blitzkrieg game,

so research is still needed

so if anyone of you manages to get LAN game working over Tunngle, it would be great if you could post your settings here, thank you!

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i have yellow face :(


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