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Geralds-multiplayer-reinforcement-mod for Blitzkrieg 2

Geralds Reinforcement-mod for BK 2

I created this mod mainly fixing (I think bugs) in 1.4 patch version. At the time I created this mod I did not have patch 1.5 version.

This Mod works both in LAN (local area network) and Nival-Server!

make sure all players have the mod (and same patch version) running to connect to your game!


- 5 different nations in Multiplayer matches (Deutsches Reich, USA, CCCP, UK, Japan Empire)

- 12 different colours (making it possible to play with 12 players theoretical)

- advanced Reinforce:

tried to make it historical correct & balanced

so you have more choice (esp. in early period)

- Xtra 3 maps included


How to turn ON/OFF MOD:

click on the Mod you want to play, or on ->0<- button to go back to normal game!

if choosing Gerald Reinforcement Mod you should get this main menu (so you know what's running)

If MOD is turned on, it is only possible to play with the players that have that mod turned on too!


 All the maps of this site made to run with mod

(xtra reinforcements)

BK2-MP mackpack for GRM mod



Map-pack 22 (maps) of BK2-MP in one file, and made compatible

to GRM (Geralds Reinforcement Mod)of BK2





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