Blitzkrieg 2


Read for news in the forum is working !!!!


 this site still online, but we have moved on to discord

Welcome to BK2-MP

--------------------------> Download Maps for MP

download the full pack with installer,so mapfiles are stored into the right directory

 BK2-MP mackpack for GRM mod


 a site for all BK2 players, especially for those playing Multiplayer

 As most important feature visit downloads to get some maps

Please register, so we can inform you, if any new map version is available, so you will always have the "up to date" map version, as sometimes maps need a new version for various reasons.

Others want to make profit, I just want to serve the BK2-comunity for free, so you don't need to register to download any files and have look on the pages. (nevertheless all rights reserved!!!)

If you like to contribute, feel free to become a member, and discuss stuff in the forum, or even send me your maps, so I can upload them for you! server working again

 checking alternatives in Forum (have not found good solution yet)


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