Blitzkrieg 2

Blitzkrieg 2 editor manual

project # Make your own Multiplayer map

I set up a map with only basic start settings, so no buildings except the bases, no trenches, no fences, no fauna (trees and bushes).

Start positions, Bases and reinforcements set for 8 player
Please make sure to set neutral player (8) before adding buildings / trenches to map
player 0 2 4 6 team
player 1 3 5 7 team
player 8 neutral player!!!!!!!!!!!
If you move bases make sure you move reinforcement points for every player with it too!
all players have all reinforcements!
reinforcement calls set to 5

So you can have a go inserting objects, as this is quite simple.

Here you can see how to start:


unzip into Blitzkrieg 2\EXE\Data\custom\Missions\ to edit and test map via singleplayer (you may need to drag & drop "mapinfo.xdb" into the map editor)



 start mapeditor


 drag and drop (hold left mouse button)file "mapinfo.xdb" into mapeditor



 start placing objects you like on map, please make sure player is set to player 8 (neutral player)

you can test your progress playing custum singelplayer


if map is done RENAME map folder add/rename mapname (open mapname.txt, change name, save mapname.txt) and copy map folder into
Blitzkrieg 2\EXE\Data\Maps\Multiplayer
map will have no loadscreen!

Hope you have fun creating map!

Please send me in your versions if done!


If you need any help please contact me!


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