Blitzkrieg 2

set up multiplayer bases in map editor


1. place building where you want the key-point to be.

(best would be warehouse, in common buildings)


2. change building "object"


a) select building (warehouse)


b) change object stats


click on "Object" Value


and then on the [...] Icon


close "Common" folder


open "Multiplayer" folder


open one of the folders (Africa/Common/Europe/USSR)

mind that the 4 folders represent 4 diffrent bases:


21000 HP


21000 HP


21000 HP


14000 HP


select "buildingrpgstats.xdb"


click "OK" Button


3. place flag


select neutral player !!

(in this sample its player 2 (in 1v1), in 4v4 match neutral player should be player 8! Don't forget to set that player to diplomacySite 2!)


find flags here:

Finding the right Flagstaff is a bit tricky:

right flagstaff

wrong flagstaff


4. link flag to base


select Flag, press <Enter>


select LinkID

copy Number (Ctrg+C) / (right click mouse, copy)


select Building


select LinkWith

paste copied value (Ctrg+V)/(right-click mouse, paste)


so now LinkID of Flag should be in LinkWith

don't forget to set Player Value to neutral Player Number if you want base to be neutral.

If Base is starting Base insert the Number of the Player what is supposed to use base as starting base.


Set Starting point


go to Tools Window -> Gameplayer -> Start Cameras

press Set Button

you can drag camera position with mouse holding left button


Adding Reinforcement Points

go to position where you want to add Reinforcement point,

mind that 1st reinforcement point should be ~ starting position!

press [Add] Button

Reinforcement point can be draged by pressing middle of point.

direction of the reinforcements is set buy holding point on circle (or ctrl+mouseclick)

Reinforcement position for air units (can be draged with mouse)


now we need to deploy template


you should choose Common_DeployTemplate.xdb






Setting up PlayerBonusObjects


We will start with Start Base for 1st Player (player 0)


Select the base you want to be start base


Make sure building belongs to the player you want it to be 1st base (in this case player 0)


copy Value of "LinkID"


go to Object -> Properties





add PlayerBonusObjective



insert copied Value (remember LinkID of base-building) into LinkID for PlayerBonusObjective, in this case [0].


put Storage on true if you want to enable resupply for ammo/engeneers (this is recomended)


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